Indoor-Outdoor House

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This remodeling of a 3,500sf house reflects changing needs and lifestyles in Asia. The existing house was typical of those built in the 1960s and 1970s, with chopped up spaces, small rooms on split levels and only the carport on the ground level. Hong Kong has very little space to build new houses, so radical remodeling of existing structures is becoming the only way to create modern homes. In the new design, the existing carport was enclosed and the slab above was removed to create a two-story high living room with a retractable glass wall opening onto the new swimming pool. The former living room space was lowered to ground level to make a 4-meter high kitchen and a dining room with a glass and wood cover. Now all major living spaces are on the ground level and open to each other and to the garden. This project received 2008 Business Week/Architectural Record China Award.

Photos: Chang Bene Design Ltd

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