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The aim is to create projects that go beyond the purely architectural and can repeatedly surprise. Much attention is paid to the consistent development of the projects. With a preference for natural and beautiful aging materials, the office looks for possibilities to combine idiosyncratic materials and a characteristic detailing with environmentally friendly techniques. The compact office organization ensures that it is possible to work in a very direct and personal way, and that there is room for thorough investigation. Also the personal involvement ensures that the office can deliver customized solutions and can quickly and adequately respond to the questions of the client. The work includes all the standard operations of feasibility studies to implementation. In large scale projects the office cooperates with long-term partners for technical support for architectural engineering, cost control and site engineering. All partnerships are entered from a shared love for the profession. In this way dynamic design expertise is reinforced with engineering experience and knowledge in the area of cost control, and enables the offices to accept commissions of any scope and scale.

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