Fotografia © Uwe Dettmar
Fotografia © Uwe Dettmar
Fotografia © Uwe Dettmar
Fotografia © Uwe Dettmar

Fraport AG Headquarters

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Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt / Main, Germany

The Building 178 is located to the east of gate 3 and is a part of the so-called “central sector”, an area between terminal 1 and 2 which is restricted by the Hugo-Eckener-Ring. The assignment was to replace the existing building on the ‘development site H’ with a modern structure including an underground parking garage, thereby optimally utilizing the property.

The structure is to be able to not only be used by the operating sector but also by the public. The design by AS&P envisions a building which is accessible from the west and the east via a central entrance area. This allows the building to be flexibly arranged in both directions without having to undergo superfluous building measures. The entrances to the underground parking garages are also arranged so that they can be accessed independently from both areas.

In accordance with sustainability and efficiency demands, the building is to have low operating and user costs while offering high user comfort. In October 2013, AS&P and Fraport AG received a certification from the German Sustainable Building Council for the "German Seal for Sustainable Building in Gold" for the new Fraport Corporate Head Office, Building 178.

Fraport AG

36,000 sqm

2009 - 2013

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