A Peek at Ruby City

John Hill
23. d’abril 2019
Photo: Aaron Dougherty

Ruby City, the new exhibition space for the Linda Pace Foundation designed by David Adjaye, is set to open in October. Here we take a peek at the recently completed building in San Antonio, Texas.

Unveiled in 2015, Adjaye's colorful design for Ruby City (a departure for an architect who often designs in shades of black or gray) came from a dream Linda Pace had in 2007, the same year she died. Closely matching the renderings unveiled four years ago, the completed building pays homage to Pace, a native of San Antonio who was an artist, art collector and philanthropist. With hundreds of contemporary artworks in her collection, Pace established the Linda Pace Foundation in 2003. The Foundation continues to acquire work that "reflects Linda’s sensibility of a feminist perspective, engages social issues and considers aspects of spirituality and beauty."

Ruby City will open on October 13, 2019. All exhibitions and events will be free and open to the public. 

Photographer Aaron Dougherty sent us some exterior photos of Ruby City.

On the west side of the building, bordering San Pedro Creek, is an entry plaza with ruby paving. (Photo: Aaron Dougherty)
Camp Street elevation on the north side of the building (Photo: Aaron Dougherty)
The view looking west along Camp Street may be the most interesting, since it reveals the two angular peaks that bring natural light to the exhibition spaces inside. (Photo: Aaron Dougherty)
On the south side of the building, walled off by ruby-red walls, is a courtyard that is already hosting a sculpture. (Photo: Aaron Dougherty)
The elevation facing southwest, with Nancy Rubins' 5,000 lbs. of Sonny’s Airplane Parts, Linda’s Place, and 550 lbs. of Tire-Wire, 1997 (Photo: Aaron Dougherty)
The vivid exterior is made up of crimson-hued, precast-concrete wall panels. (Photo: Aaron Dougherty)

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