Forest House

Provence, France, 2013

Refurbishment of a provençal house within tight planning constraints, using materials, colours and construction details to meet pl...

Chevron Villette wine cellar

Le Cannet des Maures, France, 2013

Company headquarters and wine cellar, with storage in oak casks and sales space; ultra-modern facility in the heart of rural Provence

Adamandin Head Office

Tourves, France, 2013

One building contains a warehouse and industrial space, the other houses offices and shops. Wheelchair accessible throughout.

Feather House

France, France, 2012

Private house, set in a pine grove in the Landes region, close to the sea. Its concrete structure appears light, freed from its su...

Strata House

Provence, France, 2012

Private house within a provençal golf course. The chaotic forms of the concrete slabs recall rock strata, slid into equilib...

Solarquest Factory

Rousset, France, 2011

10,000m² manufacturing facility for solar panels at Rousset. Landscaped offices, reception area and showroom over 467m²....

Kub House

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France, 2011

Private house.  Set into a steep grassy slope at the foot of the Alps, it plays on the interconnection of frames and boxes in its re...

Rabbat Sports Center

Rabat, Morocco, 2011

Refurbishment of the Club Wifaq, Rabat Design for an aquatic centre with competition-standard pool, treatment centre, saun...

Tennis Clubhouse

Aix-en-Provence, France, 2010

Clubhouse and changing rooms, with high environmental rating. Within an otherwise run-down urban setting, the building dev...

Golf House

Provence, France, 2010

Private house set within a golf course in Provence. Structured as two huge rooms articulated around a central pool.  Each ele...

Water Ski Center

Baillargues , France, 2009

Restaurant with panoramic views. Clubhouse and changing facilities. Shops and jetty for competitive water skiing.

City of Amiens

Amiens, France, 2008

Urban furniture and lighting. The furniture scheme brings to life the architectural concept of a ‘pixellated forest’ playing ...

Sand House

Morocco, Morocco, 2008

Private house in Morocco House designed for the edge of the desert: around a planted patio, covered by an interior glass b...

Apartment Housing

Lyon, France, 2008

Study for a 52-apartment project: apartments with 2-5 rooms and balconies. High environmental rating, including photovoltaic panels. Rein...

City of Arras

Arras, France, 2006

Street lamp and lighting design. Creation of a system of adjustable lighting, to illuminate the historical sites of Arras but also more m...

Mikado House

St Maximin la Sainte Baume, France, 2005

In the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, this 450m² villa uses a de-formalised concrete structure to develop an env...

Cairo Museum

Cairo, Egypt, 2004

86,000m² museum to bring together key national collections. The design evolved from an initial concept of a central v...

Paris Subway

Paris, France, 2002

Competition winner Services facility. The first service and well-being areas on the Paris metro. A strategic project for t...

Porto Rico Signal

Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, 2000

A monument for the third millennium. This hymn to the immaterial, evoking the three major cultural influences of Puerto Rico, displays in...

City of Narbonne

France, France, 1998

Street furniture and urban lighting. Design and renovation of the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville. Creation of a bes...

Alura Urban Lighting, 1996

SCHREDER - street-light giving direct and indirect light. Cast aluminium with moulded polycarbonate housing.

Bora Urban Lighting, 2008

SCHREDER - LED Column bollard. Cast and extruded aluminium.

Falco Urban Lighting, 2009

SCHREDER - Universal range of CDMT street-light. Die-cast and cast aluminium. Moulded polycarbonate housing.

Focal Urban Lighting, 2000

Observeur du Design listing

Furyo Urban Lighting, 2006

SCHREDER - Wide range of CDMT street-light. Die-cast and cast aluminium. Moulded polycarbonate housing. SMCL Innovation Aw...

Senso Urban Lighting, 2010

SCHREDER - LED street-light. Die-cast and cast aluminium. Moulded polycarbonate housing.

Piano Urban Lighting, 2010

SCHREDER - LED street-light. Die-cast and cast aluminium. Moulded polycarbonate housing.

Perla Urban Lighting, 2009

Etoile de l’observeur du design 2010 Prix de l’innovation de la biennale de design de Saint Etienne 2010...

Flying Cabins, 2009


Studies for luxury aeroplane cabin interiors, including aquarium walls, green areas and workspaces

Rome Thylia Concept, 2005

Roma, Italy

IF silver design award “Observeur du design” star award

Citadine Site Trailer Design, 2003


2003 IF Design award for Citadine from JCR 2003 Observeur du Design listing for Citadine from JCR JCR. Site trailer...

Sun Tree Urban Furniture, 2011

2012 Observeur du Design Star Award for Sun tree from Solarquest 2012 Ministry of industry Prize for Sun tree from Solarqu...

City of Milan, 2000


Urban light beacon. Reminiscent of the DNA molecule, the arch plays with light, standing defiantly against time through its simplicity an...

Piana Urban Furniture, 2008


Metalco – street furniture range with glass seats on a steel and aluminium structure