Slit House

Fits to its historical context formulated in begining of 20's in centre part of Nanjing city, Slit house express itself in harmony with surroundings in the new form of concrete facade. The entir structure & facade even roof are made from concrete with 5cm horizontal wood textile strip which shares the same scale with neibour buildings of brick built almost 100 years ago. Even we used almost half of world's cement in China, Slit house is the first real concrete building in Nanjing, the city which built also 1300 highrise concrete structure towers in last 25 years.
Showing the tranparency of house in its public part with deep slit, Stail is used in this project to link two parts which has half floor height difference, then made 2 floor height living area and 1.5 floor dining area. With limited openings to east & west nearby neibour.