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A new home for Sattler – The new Sattler corporate headquarters are functional as well as representative. Visitors enjoy the warm and light ambiance.

In spring 2015, Sattler moved into their new corporate headquarters in Göppingen, Baden-Württemberg. The new corporate building was designed by two renowned architectural of ces based in Stuttgart: Rolf Loew (conception and construction management) and Raiserlopes (interior design). It integrates all corporate units in one place – from design development to production. Visitors and staff enjoy the open and communicative atmosphere as well as the short distances between the different departments.

The new corporate headquarters in Göppingen present themselves as an unostentatious, functional building with largely-dimensioned windows extending down to the  oor. When entering the foyer, the visitor immediately experiences the wide range of Sattler luminaires and a surprisingly open and warm ambiance: Exquisite elliptic shapes or circles  oating from the ceiling, complemented by a sculpture of illuminated acrylic glass bars. The Sattler showroom is spacious and simultaneously serves as a foyer including a reception, a coffee bar, a lounge, and a meeting area.

Reduced Materials, Sophisticated Finish – Materials such as exposed concrete, cast plaster  oors and real wood surfaces were used exclusively throughout the entire building. Consistent use of high-quality construction materials create a soothing atmosphere. Black wall and ceiling elements, grey concrete areas and wooden surfaces in warm shades of brown present a natural colour spectrum, which is complemented by strong colour accents in the of ce areas.

Short Distances, Good Communication, More Efficiency – All departments in the SATTLER company now have their own designated area in the new corporate building – from the Design Department to Construction, Production, Sales and Export up to the Accounts Department. “Direct communication, short distances and respectful interaction were our goals for the use of the new headquarters”, explains com- pany owner and CEO Ulrich Sattler. The short distances between the Design, Production and Technology Departments are invaluable in  nding solutions together by liaising closely, thus enabling the realization of projects more ef ciently.

Meticulously Planned Lighting Concept – Due to the diligently implemented design principles, the entire company headquarters are characterized by openness and spaciousness. The lighting concept, which has been planned meticulously, also adds to this pleasant atmosphere: There isn’t a single light switch in the entire building because the lighting is controlled by the connecDIM light management system from Tridonic, which uses daylight and motion detection. The sculptural Sattler designs stand out with their distinctive beauty in this calm light scenario, thus accentuating the representative areas such as the foyer and the showroom.

Energy Efficiency – Sattler goal was to reach the highest possible energy ef ciency standards in their new building. In order to achieve that, the temperature in the entire building including the production areas are controlled via a  oor heating system with an integrated heat pump, thus enabling low  ow temperatures and low consumption values. Staff members also have the opportunity to create an ideal indoor climate: The showroom as well as the of ces have been equipped with a central air conditioning unit that can be controlled individually in each area of the building.

Everything Under One Roof – The staff in the family-owned enterprise is excited to have the ability to demonstrate the Sattler luminaires to visitors or customers directly in the company headquarters. Moreover, visitors will get direct insight into the production process. “Our entire product range is the result of extensive brainwork and many parts are handcrafted, which fascinates our customers”, explains Ulrich Sattler.
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