Left: TGV Station, Strasbourg 2007; Arch.: Arep ( Photo © : RFR, Michel Denancè )
Top right: Danube House, Prague 2003; Arch.: KPF Associates International PA ( Photo © : KPF, Georg Esch )
Bottom right: Simone de Beauvoir Footbridge, Paris 2006; Arch.: Dietmar Feichtinger ( Photo © : RFR, Michel Denancè )

" ... the most powerful way that an engineer can contribute to the work of architects is by exploring the nature of the materials and using that knowledge to produce a special quality in the way materials are used. Exploration and innovation are the keys. I have noticed over the years that the most effective use of materials is often achieved when they are being explored and used for the first time."
Peter Rice, An Engineer Imagines, Paris, Artemis, 1994
Other Locations
Niccolo Baldassini
Jean-François Blassel
Marc Chalaux
Benjamin Cimerman
Mitsu Edwards
Jean Le Lay
Gilbert Plumet
Nicolas Prouvé
Fabien Texier-Atger
Bertrand Toussaint
Areas of specialities
Light weight structures
Complex geometries
Special structures
Sculptures and product design
Structural facades
Integrated design
Building envelopes
Large-span structures