Shield House

Creative responses to practical constraints are one mark of good architecture. This is evident in the curving section of the Shield House in Denver, Colorado, which responds to bulk plane restrictions. Offset by a rectangular volume, the curving wall also acts as a light scoop and provides privacy from its neighbor. Studio H:T Architecture answered some questions about the design.
View of entrance from street ( Photo ©: Raul Garcia )
What were the circumstances of receiving the commission for this project?

The family contacted us to do a single family home for a site we had previously done design work on.
Interior of Shield ( Photo ©: Raul Garcia )
Can you describe your design process for the building?

Our process is very iterative with client input.  The unfolding of this process is what gives each of our clients a unique and distinctive experience.
Rear yard with detached garage ( Photo ©: Raul Garcia )
How does the completed building compare to the project as designed? Were there any dramatic changes between the two and/or lessons learned during construction?

The concept and design were realized with great accuracy with regards to construction.
West-East Section/ South-North Section ( Drawing ©: Studio H:T )
How does the building compare to other projects in your office, be it the same or other building types?

Our office specializes in unique and situationally specific projects.  Some of the ideas and explorations in any of our project can influence other projects and building types
Exploded axonometric ( Drawing ©: Studio H:T )
How does the building relate to contemporary architectural trends, be it sustainability, technology, etc.?

Our work does not look at trends but specific solutions to program and context.  This particular project uses a vertical curve to shield the owners from the public second and third story decks of the adjacent triplex.
Joinerty detail ( Drawing ©: Studio H:T )
Are there any new/upcoming projects in your office that this building’s design and construction has influenced?

A commercial addition to an existing sign shop in the neighborhood has been influence by the clients love of nontraditional serpentine curves.
Shield House
Denver, CO


Studio H:T Architects
Boulder, CO

Project Architect
Brad Tomecek

Project Team
Kevin Seitmann

Landscape Architect
360 Site Driven Design

Interior Designer
O Interior Design

Cottonwood Homes

Site Area
8,250 sf

Building Area
3,250 sf