Nordostpark Test Centre

The new building housing a test centre for localisation, communication and logistics technology at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits is connected on two sides with an existing testing hall. Following the line of the street, the building volume develops into a freeform, amorphous structure that inserts itself unobtrusively in the green landscape at the rear of the site.
The interior structure, made up of an orthogonal core of measuring and control rooms and a cantilevered office level, develops a spatial tension and facilitates orientation, while also furnishing a number of workplaces enjoying views out onto the natural vegetation. The grouping of the measuring and control rooms allows their technical needs to be supplied in an expedient and economic fashion. The office lane is flexible and can be adapted to fit alternative layout concepts.
The semi-public areas, including a cafeteria, library, seminar rooms and lecture halls, are arranged at foyer level and have wide openings out onto various outdoor spaces or the patio. Centrally placed vertical access, with single-flight stairways, connects the upper floors visually via an open atrium.
Year of completion
Negotiated procedure
Top rank 2011

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