Restaurant Saisondor

A plan of a French restaurant located along a main road. Here we faced the task to design an approach to a restaurant facing heavy traffic, and to interpret the client’s needs of a new style casual French restaurant. To avoid dust from the streets, the window of the facade was kept in its minimum size, with its wall largely curved. The same tiles as the entire building were used on the exterior walls and floors, isolating the interior from the outside but blending it with the surrounding environment and creating a natural circulation to enter the restaurant. The interior was planned with a large kitchen, the “chef’s stage”, as its main feature with tables situated along this kitchen. With these two spaces placed besides each other, we aimed for a restaurant with a vibrant atmosphere where the chef and his customers can share the liveness from both cooking and eating. The tiles on the floor were placed in a zigzag pattern to strengthen the casualness throughout the restaurant, while a dark brown wall made from pottery plates was installed in the back. This wall was created by the same Karatsu-yaki artist who supervised the plates used in this restaurant to overlap the delicate world created by the chef’s dishes and the gradation seen on the wall created by the temperature difference of the kiln.
Interior Designer
Year of completion