Refurbishment Bit Brewery Tower

The old brewery tower form the 1960ies was originally used as a tank and silo is no longer in use. The demolition of the building was a questionable major investment.  In addition to economic considerations also Bitburger Brewery also raised the question to DGJ of whether the tower is not an important carrier of cultural and urban quality of the city and the Bitburg brewery. The Tower is the only building with a distinctive effect and thus shapes the perception of the city silhouette in the landscape. the great view from the roof is connecting is connecting Germany’s draft beer No.1 with it’s Eifel homeland.

The ground floor of the adjacent office building from the 1980ies contains public areas of common use. The foyer is refurbished and the existing cinema wir be changed into multi purpose hall with two mobile divisions. More meeting rooms are in a directly connected ground floor of the tower. Also there will be placed the gastronomic consultancy ‘Konzeptfabrik’ with suitable exhibition spaces. In the upper floors 1 to 7 offices of different departments of Bitburger Brauerei and Brewery-Group Holding are placed. In the topmost floors sort and relaxation rooms for the employees and a student-laboratory have direct access to the roof top terrace with a great view onto Bitburger’s home. 
Year of completion
Bitburger Braugruppe (Client)
EGS Plan Stuttgart (Partner)

Direct Commission
Refurbishment tower

Plan to Realisation
2013-2018 (expected)