Greens Vegetable Garden and Restaurant Westbroekpark

DGJ Landscapes designed a winning competition proposal with Cafe Blossom and Tiessens Development  for the former mini-golf terrain in Westbroekpark. Our team been selected from 30 participants to develop the site for at least 15 years, contributing to a very special place in one of the most beautiful parks in The Hague. Our submission consisted of a daytime restaurant in a greenhouse, combined with vegetable and scent gardens in a park-like setting where there is space for leisure, education and workshops. Our design for both the integration of our park in the Westbroekpark, the greenhouse and the gardens, and in addition a comprehensive businessplan will now be realised by Tiessens Development under the new name of ‘Greens’ with the new tenant Orange Olive form Delft.
DGJ Landscapes
The Hague
Year of completion
Client, Planners
City of the Hague (Commissioner and Land Owner)
Café Blossom (Restaurant Concept Partner)
Wessel Tiessens Devlopement (Partner)
Orange Olive (Restaurant Tenant)

Invited Competition
1st Rank

Plan to Realisation
2015-2017 (expected)

Gross Surface
3.100 m2