From now on all current and soon to be bike lovers will find their new favorite place in Freising, north of Munich. The Velosoph shop is a dream came true on tiny 30 square meters. big ideas for a small budget.  The one room shop had the requirement to be a retail space for high end bicycles and cycle accessories and furthermore a cozy coffee where clients can relax, browse and shop.

This different demands asked for a space with a professional sales attitude to represent the high end products and at the same a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for the coffee area. The cubes that are made to exhibit the bikes are a seating solution at the same time and lead to the counter in the back area of the room. Graphic elements - mounted over black stained wood - provide a clean look&feel and generate a soft transfer to the wall. Thoughtful details complement the project. E.g. The elevation profile placed as a highlight within the shop, shows the popular route between Munich and the Lake Garda. In a fundraising campaign cyclamates of the owners collected bicycle tricots which were turned into pillows and are now used in the coffee area. A relaxing yet inspiring atmosphere to prepare for the next mountain tour!
Interior Designer
Year of completion