New Small Olympic Hall

New Small Olympic Hall:

The hall will be situated under one of the embankments of the landscaped ‘floe’ connecting the Lilian-Board-Weg and the Lutz-Long-Ufer. Sufficient light will be provided by generously-sized windows. Access will be via a conical ‘incision’ in the ground running between the hall and foyer, which will serve as both a connecting passage and entrance area.

The entrance level of the foyer will include cloakrooms; changing rooms will be provided on an intermediate level. The catering facilities and toilet areas will be located in the lower foyer level.

In the event that both halls are being used at once, the connection between the foyer and hall level of the Olympic Hall will be via the existing connecting tunnel to the workshop building, which, through the connection of the hall, will be architecturally enhanced by the related expansion of this area.

Deliveries to the hall will be via a ramp and a covered delivery area, which will be connected to the existing indoor swimming pool tunnel.

Andreas J. Focke
Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21, 80809 München