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Light+Building Guided Tours by April 15 - 20, Frankfurt am Main
Free guided tours with renowned lighting designers starting twice a day at the Outlook Lounge in the Foyer of Hall 4.2. Interested?
contact us for inquiries or choose your favorite tour from the schedule below and apply.

April 15 Tour

Guided Tour by Gerd Pfarré
pfarré lighting design, Munich
April 15, Sunday, 2-4-pm
Tour is fully booked

  pfarré lighting design

Intuitive journey “Into the Light"
On the first day of the fair – on Sunday, April 15 –, lighting enthusiasts are given the opportunity to go on an expedition through the fair jungle with the renowned lighting designer within the context of the guided tours organized by World-Architects. His lighting expedition will lead you to exciting manufacturers and innovative products which he will approach in a consciously unbiased way.

April 16 Tours

Guided Tours by Gabriele Allendorf
Gabriele Allendorf - light identity, Munich
April 16, Monday, 10-12 am
Tour is fully booked
April 16, Monday, 2-4 pm
Tour is fully booked

  Gabriele Allendorf - light identity

Architecture - Light - Identity
The Monday of the guided tours organized by at the Light+Building fair is characterized by individual lighting solutions. Gabriele Allendorf, lighting designer from Munich, will first give a short presentation based on a few project examples. She will demonstrate how light can figure into the process of working out an identity for the building and for the utilization. The following tour of the fair will lead you to manufacturers where the identity potential of light will be dicussed directly at the luminaire product.

April 17 Tours

Guided Tour by M. Hank Haeusler
University of New South Wales, Australia
April 17, Tuesday, 10-12 am
Tour is fully booked

  University of New South Wales

The Message in the Façade
M. Hank Haeusler from the University of New South Wales in Australia will demonstrate in the guided tours organized by that façades can be more than beautiful building envelopes nowadays. His tour begins with a journey into the history of the media façade in which participants will encounter referential examples. Afterwards, selected manufacturers who have the right product responses concerning the topic of the media façade will be visited.

One day later, on April 18, the topic will be enlarged upon: In the Media Façade Summit 2012 taking place in the context of the Luminale, leading creatives and experts will discuss the fields of application and designs of media façades. Location: Städelschule in Frankfurt. Time: 9am to 9pm.

Guided Tour by Jan Dinnebier + Jan Blieske
studio dinnebier, Berlin
April 17, Tuesday, 2-4 pm
Tour is fully booked

  studio dinnebier

Light and Architecture
"In order to be able to plan good lighting, one has to understand the respective space." This will be the theme of the guided tours organized by on Tuesday, April 17th. Jan Dinnebier and Jan Blieske will first put you in the mood for the topic "Light and Space" with a short presentation, and will show some of their own cooperations with internationally renowned architects. Their subsequent tour of the fair will then lead you to selected new technologies and lighting tools which are changing and enriching the work of the lighting planner once more.

April 18 Tours

Guided Tours by Ulrike Brandi
Ulrike Brandi Licht, Hamburg
April 18, Wednesday, 10-12 am
Tour is fully booked
April 18, Wednesday, 1-3 pm
Tour is fully booked

  Ulrike Brandi Licht

The Naturalness of Light
It is the significant task of the lighting designer to create a building atmosphere in which artificial light, daylight, material and surroundings are in natural harmony. On April 18, Ulrike Brandi will illustrate how this can be implemented based on her own projects in the guided tours organized by Her tour of the fair will then lead you to manufacturers whose products impress through aesthetics, clarity, tranquility and wit. The respective product presentations will be consciously short so that there will be enough room for subject-specific debate.

April 19 Tours

Guided Tours by Wilfried Kramb and Giulio Castegini
a•g Licht, Bonn
April 19, Thursday, 10-12 am
Tour is fully booked
April 19, Thursday,  2-4 pm
Tour is fully booked

  a•g Licht

Green Technologies for High-Rises
On Thursday, April 19, the central theme of the guided tours organized by will be the renovation of the Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt/Main in the year 2010. Together with Giulio Castegini, who was at that time the project manager of the architect Mario Bellini, Wilfried Kramb will first show rare impressions of the Greentowers and outline the successful renovation which was awarded the Platinum LEED Certificate. The subsequent tour of the fair will lead you to manufacturers who were involved in the renovation of the high-rise complex.
Within the frame of an exclusive reception and a guided tour, participants will get the chance to experience the Greentowers personally in the evening. The number of participants is limited - please register for this item on the agenda independently of the guided tours.
April 19, Thursday,  8-10 pm    Apply

April 20 Tour

Guided Tours by Daniel Klages
Dinnebier Licht, Wuppertal
April 20, Friday, 10-12 am
Tour is fully booked

  Dinnebier Licht

Innovations and Developments in the Industry
On April 20, the last day of the fair, Daniel Klages invites you to a final tour within the frame of the guided tours organized by, in which a wide range of topics from the field of lighting design will be covered. The main focus will be on important innovations and developments in the industry. What makes this tour special is that Daniel Klages unites the point of view of both sides, that of the planner and that of the manufacturer, as in his manufacture managed together with Dinnebier Licht, luminaries are hand-made. These luminaries can also be experienced at the fair at their own booth.


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