The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is located directly on the Las Vegas Strip. Opened in 2010, the luxury hotel is now rated one of the best hotels in the world. Besides 2,995 rooms and a 110,000 sq ft casino, the building offers a spacious pool area on the fourth floor with breathtaking views on the Strip. The outside area invites you to relax during the day and transforms into a vibrant club at night.
In this high-contrast and colorful fantasy world the tulip umbrellas by MDT-Tex set special accents. The upward opening umbrellas provide protection from the blazing desert sun and still provide a clear view on the surrounding sights. After sunset the illuminated umbrellas mingle with the atmosphere of the "City of Lights" and appear as sculptural forms in many different colors.
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas
971 West Dogwood Trail
USA-30290 Tyrone, GA
+1 770 631 9074

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