The fountain and umbrellas – The court integrated surface water feature provides refreshment in the summer and creates a special mood, day and night. In the evening, the lighting of the water jet creates a special atmosphere, which adapts to appealing to the skyline of Sihlpost-area. By turning off the fountains, the space can be used for every conceivable event. The umbrellas act as a sun shade element as well as a roof protection in case of rain. In the evening the undersides of the parasols will be lit. They illuminate their surroundings and invite someone to linger. An additional effect of harmony is created by looking at the umbrellas from the top of the surrounding buildings.

Textile Outdoor architecture – The customized design consists of a galvanized steel structure, with a pole in diameter measuring 150 mm, a rain gutter with a lateral outlet as well as a membrane composed of 100% polyester and coated both sides with PVC. With this coating it has a weight of inspiring 500 g/m2. The color of the cover is transparent, gray, which outlines a fascinating atmosphere, when the screens are lit from below, or the colored light mirrors of the water feature. In the summer, the chairs can be installed very easy at tables in the cafeteria, because the double membrane provides not only sun protection but also rain protection.
Competence MDT
special construction
9 large umbrellas

 Max Dudler

Special construction
 Max Dudler


Total roof area
approx.116 sqm

Commercial, Office Buildings, Landscape, Plazas