Marketplace Avenches. Umbrellas Type AV. ( Photo © : Den Arnmut )

Communal space design as a social structure – The community of Avenches had long sought a way to give their marketplace – a space dominated by cars – back to the people. But creating space for human interaction for individuals who also live in a climate-sensitive zone is far more than just a technical challenge. It also carries social relevance through participation in life and space for meetings and communication. The solution, developed in cooperation with Swiss architectural firm furrerjud, was the creation of a public meeting place through a multifunctional marketplace canopy. Large canopy systems that are both light and flexible are often best realized with membrane solutions. From the planning side of things, that made textile construction the material of choice, and MDT developed the right umbrellas to meet the wide range of different requirements.

Dual-membrane air cushion design – Individual umbrellas can be arranged as freestanding objects or by linking the modules to a connected, closed canopy landscape. The technical requirements for modularity, linkage, and drainage lead to a dual-membrane construction with a characteristic air cushion design. The translucent, physical appearance allows the dramatic backdrop of the historical downtown area to remain the focal point, while simultaneously making itself noticeable and adding recognition value.
Competence MDT
 MDT "Textile Architecture"

Furrer Jud Architekten, Zürich

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