Telescopic umbrella Type T XXL ( Photo © : Hanns Joosten )

A red-letter day – The design was the result of an architectural competition won by the firm Topotek1 from Berlin, who then commissioned MDT with the umbrella design and production. With an area of approximately 1,000 square meters, the umbrella plays a key role at the marketplace. At a height of eight meters and a diameter of ten meters, it not only provides shade for the market booths, but is primarily a sculptural landmark. According to the Landscape Architects Association, the bright red color is meant to evoke a sense of fresh paprika, while graphical lines on the red asphalt have more of an eggplant shade. Technical requirements included 100 % secure structural analysis, especially for a durable, colorfast, light-resistant, and weatherproof membrane for use in any kind of weather throughout the entire year. The umbrella material is made of a standard PVC fabric with a weight of 680 g/m2. It is printed using a special process and retains its bright color thanks to the addition of special UV pigments so that residents will continue to see the color red, for many years. The shaft’s aluminum frame and segment fields are painted the same shade of red. Opening and closing the umbrella is controlled by an electric motor.

Umbrella with signaling effect – By inquiry, many residents mentioned turning the disused land in their historical downtown area into a square for parties and markets. For others, keeping the existing parking lot was more important. Instead of an either-or solution, the landscape architects panned an “and-also” transition – a widely visible signal of which is the fire-engine-red umbrella, installed by MDT-tex as a specialist for unusual requests. For the building contractor, the navigability of the marketplace with trucks – even below the umbrellas – was important, which resulted in high mast heights. During the week, the umbrella remains closed and the space is used as a parking lot. On weekends, though, the umbrella is opened up for the market. And since the entire marketplace ground is painted red, the community of Köpenick can now finally say it has its own Red Square.
Competence MDT
 Telescopic umbrella

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Topotek1, Berlin

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