Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar

The Boheme Bar is located in a refurbished historical building surrounded by the quaint and lively district of Montrose in Houston, Texas. The inside is equipped with cozy sofas and antique lamps from Germany, France and England. On the 6.000 square foot garden, Shona stone sculptures from Zimbabwe await to be explored.

To underline this unique atmosphere, the architects chose four telescopic umbrellas and a large tulip umbrella by MDT-tex.
The classic telescopic umbrellas (Type T, size 4 x 4 m / Ø 4 m) match the appearance of the bar and can be extended with a variety of accessories, such as indirect lighting, heating and music systems. The tulip umbrella (6 x 6 m) blends unobtrusively into the existing atmosphere. The funnel shape provides shade and directs rainwater through the middle of the pole into the drainage below the wooden floor.
307 Fairview Street
971 West Dogwood Trail
USA-30290 Tyrone, GA
+1 770 631 9074

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