BMW Event

Tulip umbrella Type E, BMW EVENT Madrid ( Photo © : Urban Zintel )

A refuge for modern spirits – Certain defining moments change how we see the world. “When was the last time you experienced something for the first time?” It was with that idea in mind that BMW AG hosted the MODERN SPIRITS event series, where innovative figures from the worlds of design, architecture, music, and sports presented their personal defining moments of their creative work. The listed residence of the German ambassador in Madrid provided a particularly exceptional backdrop for the event. The highlight was a performance given by world-renowned conductor Inma Shara, who conducted a seven-piece orchestra – and then invited the audience to try their own hands at conducting at the end.

Umbrellas for area drainage – Tulip umbrellas are ideally suited for draining large areas. Their poles feature a double-walled construction and channel water through the outer tube wall, under the construction floor, and underground. An overlapping membrane arrangement in the surface assembly guarantees moisture protection. And although rain generally isn’t on the menu for Madrid at the height of summer, a light shower began falling that evening – meaning the tulip umbrellas not only provided shade, but protection from the rain, too.
Competence MDT

Landscape, Temporary architecture