25hours Hotel

Providing a really unique experience in the hotel business is a challenging task. The higher cost and quality rise, the more difficult it gets for hotels to differentiate themselves from others. Now, how do they achieve it anyway? First and foremost, a 4 or 5 star hotel must provide the service and quality you´d expect, forming a base. But only through paying great attention to detail and trying (sometimes daring) to implement something new, one may  achieve truly unique features. The 25hours hotel chain is a prime example of this endeavour. Each of its seven branches features an individual interior design, inspired by the city and surroundings it is located in. However, 'individualized' would be quite an understatement for its dreamy, playful and sometimes even crazy designs. The 25hours hotel at Museumsquartier in Vienna found its inspiration within the sensations and shows of the traditional circus, the Wiener Prater. It is surreal and surprising; a place that plays with fantasies. Needless to say, this does not meet everybody´s taste - 25hours hotels consciously wager to polarize. Having supplied all fixed and loose furniture, we certainly hope that you enjoy your stay in the madhouse! 
Competence Lindner Group
 Furniture and wall claddings

Involved parties
25hours Hotel Company, Hamburg
BWM Architekten, Vienna

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