Rieteiland House

When architects build for themselves, they are probably their own most critical customers. Hans van Heeswijk has certainly realised his private living dream – and that in an architectural quality that sets standards. State-of-the-art technology accompanies the dream of space and, in its combination with KELLER minimal windows®, it will probably provide countless building owners with new impetus.

The exterior structure is clear: on one side – facing the mainland – the cube is clad with perforated aluminium panels, some of which can be moved to reveal the windows behind them. The remaining three sides are purely KELLER minimal windows®, interrupted only by a few static struts.

A great deal of outlook also implies a great deal of insight, and so the cube ultimately shimmers in the landscape and – when the shades are not drawn – allows an unimpaired view of the generous architecture. The three-storey building plays with air spaces and in this way makes the already generous floors even more opulent. A tower formed with wooden formwork rises up through the floors in the middle of the glass cube; the ‘magic box’, as the house owner calls it, houses the technical systems and private rooms such as the bathroom and toilets. On the second floor a roof terrace has been set in a recess at one corner, allowing one to sit outside while still perfectly retained the shape of the cube through the circumferential housing edge.

Barrier-free construction – Timeless materials such as aluminium, steel, glass, concrete and wood result in a mix that retains sober objectivity without at the same time appearing cold.  The radiance of extreme delicacy and brightness of KELLER minimal windows® is the result of special attention to the interaction between glass, (almost) frameless windows, elegant lighting and careful architectural consideration with respect to the room, in accordance with the motto: LIGHT IS MORE.  The appealing minimalistic design of KELLER minimal windows® creates bright and flowing effects, for large fixed and opening windows.

KELLER minimal windows® are energy-efficient sliding window systems with highly heat-insulating and well-designed profiles. It is now possible to equip the entire building shell consistently and harmoniously in terms of design in addition to optimising it thermally. Both outwards and inwards. First-class energy balance in conjunction with the extraordinary aesthetics of aluminium and elegant looks, clever details for climatic protection as well as high energy-saving potentials – these are the arguments that also convinced Hans van Heeswijk.

Residential, Single Houses