The German Football Museum

Experience football history – The museum, designed by HPP architects, presents the history of German football under the “We are football” maxim. With sophisticated design and innovative exhibition strategy, one sport, one myth – that inspires all ages with the same enthusiasm – takes on a form that conveys the entire dramatic development of a football match.

The German Football Museum is in a central, inner-city location, opposite the central station, lengthening the Dortmund art and culture mile. It presents itself as an elevated, semi-transparent box that appears to extend the station forecourt into the middle of the building. While this inviting gesture effectively draws people in from the surrounding urban area, the sculptural form of the building conveys the emotions and spirit of football to the outside world. The perforated metal façade with its hexagonal sections reflects the pattern of a football. The undisputed best feature of its outward appearance however, especially in the dark, is when the banner graphics come into their own, capturing the phenomenon of public viewing and getting the public involved in the fascination of football. The German Football Museum is fitted out with electrical installations from JUNG, in the classical LS 990 design in black.

The interior space surprises the visitor with a whole world of multi-media exhibition flair incorporating more than 1,600 exhibits arranged on two levels. The open ground floor runs into the Arena area in the basement. There are rooms here that accommodate temporary exhibitions, events and the food and drink area. The heart of the museum is the permanent exhibition. Visitors reach it through an escalator that leads into the upper part of the building. Divided into three sections, the exhibition follows the dramatic sequence of a football match in the kick-off, the first half, the half-time break, the second half and after the game. Visitors experience everything about the world of football here through multimedia and other innovative forms of display. The final climax of the exhibition is the Hall of Fame, where visitors can get a little closer to their idols, and the Treasure Chamber, where the trophies from the history of German football are shown. Sports successes and shared emotions – all brought together in a museum of superlatives. The Germans’ favourite sport, compressed into an area of 2,400 square metres, is truly something to celebrate.
Königswall 21
Competence JUNG
 classic switch LS 990 in black

Stiftung DFB-Fußballmuseum, Dortmund

HPP Hentrich – Petschnigg & Partner GmbH + Co. KG, Düsseldorf

Technical planner
WINTER – beratende Ingenieure für Gebäudetechnik GmbH, Düsseldorf

RITTER Starkstromtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Dortmund

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