Light Identity – Every architecture speaks its individual language. A perfect lighting design seizes this language, to develop the esthetic impression of the building. It is not all about only setting single highlights. It is rather more important, to make the individual character and consistency of an architectural space completely tangible. Therefore we never treat daylight and artificial light, inside and outside separately. 

Lighting Design for man – To provide this, our work is not merely focused on standards or designing objects, but rather on man. A comprehensive perception enables an ambience, in which man feels comfortable and objects are arranged in the “right sort of light”. 

Innovation – As experienced lighting designers, we master the operation with state-of-the-art technology as well as simplest instruments, to achieve a maximum effect. 

Teamwork – As a warrant for a design’s consistency and for being responsive to the user, a close cooperation with the builder, architects and the engineers for building physics is essential. Holistic solutions can only being developed in team work. 
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