El Prat Airport – Terminal 1

Terminal 1 of El Prat Airport was designed by Barcelona architect Ricardo Bofill to be a sustainable terminal, keeping in mind the new needs in which energy consumption must be reduced as much as possible. Unlike the current terminals, one of the trademarks of the new building is its luminosity. Taking advantage of the natural light using silk-screened glass walls made it possible to light the public areas using only subdued lighting, which contributes to lowering the energy consumption in the building. On this project, large Silestone® tiles were used to cover the floor of the commercial area, creating a unique and continuous space. The tiles are red, which makes the columned space stand out, and their polished finish reflects the natural light coming from the “eye” of the patio at the same time as it softening the various artificial lights coming from the businesses which line the hall.
Competence Cosentino

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