Integration, comfort and quality
“The better the design of the lighting, the least perceived, when you truly see the architecture and not the light, you are contemplating a good Project: you have highlighted what needs to be seen without visible equipment, you have reached the sole integration of light in architecture.” Birgit Walter Informaciones de Luz Nº1

To allow for this integration of lighting within its architecture, we allow for the following principles and fundamentals to work. BMLD continues to grow under these principles within our future projects.

The past and the future. Knowing the past strengthens us in knowledge and experience. For this reason we dedicate time to experiences within lighting cases of the past, what worked, why and what could have been improved. However, exploring current and near future possibilities launches us to productivity and creativeness thanks to the constantly renewed technologies and new lighting roles in space by inertia of the tendencies within collective behavior.

Wisdom of natural light. We think natural light possesses many answers when artificial lighting challenges are worked on and look to allow the human well-being within space such as daylighting does. Light phenomenon and shadow, refraction/diffraction, central light, observation of light effects on nature enrich the conceptualization of our projects.

The simplicity and the detail. At BMLD we are very concerned about the integration of the lighting schemes and therefore to detailing as well as to the simplicity of the Design since we believe Less is More. We look to reach a high level of integration, comfort and quality that provides the desires lighting challenges to the project.

Union is more. We believe that listening and communicating generates successful results, this is one of the bases that unify our work, team and our relationship with our clients. In this same way, the union of different disciplines like design, art, and architecture allows us to face every project in a unique and creative way.

Project and context. A specific place determines its characteristics, is a premise that we face in each Project in regards to its geographic location, cultural and historical context. Everywhere within the world, cultural heritage plays an important role within human perception and sensorial information which need to be addressed within the lighting project. We research and understand these differences prior to the projects initiation, allowing for its integration throughout the project. 
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