Individual and customised solutions
Our architecture draws its unique character from an exhaustive examination of the building task itself, as well as of the conditions and potential offered by the site. The design process encompasses finding appropriate means of formal expression with the collaboration of all parties involved in the conception and realisation. This open process leads to individual and customised solutions which defy reduction to “style”. The range of architectural conception extends from sculpturally defined volumes to structurally open landscapes. The common denominator of the architecture generated is openness and accessibility for the mind and senses. The clarity of the design provides orientation and enables various occupancy and interpretation possibilities for both user and observer. In this respect we view our work as a social and cultural service of a high artistic, functional and technological standard, whose architectonic quality and sustainability must be measured by how open and flexible it is for the diverse forms of living for which it creates a setting.
Auer Weber
Architekten BDA
Haußmannstraße 103 A
70188 Stuttgart
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Founding partners
Fritz Auer
Carlo Weber †
Moritz Auer
Philipp Auer
Jörn Scholz
Achim Söding
Stephan Suxdorf
Martin Klemp
Jörg Müller
Stefan Niese
Till Richter
Christof Teige
Ilona Werz-Rein
Felix Wiemken
2006 (1980)
in den Architektenkammern
Baden-Württemberg, Bayern,
Luxemburg und Frankreich;
im Bund Deutscher Architekten BDA;
in der Akademie der Künste Berlin
und in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für
Nachhaltiges Bauen, DGNB