Only Time can fix the price of things
Sensitivity to landscape context and value of time are the main keys of understanding the working process of Atelier Arcau, based in Vannes on the french Atlantic coast. Landscape, geography, historical or anthropological evidence on which the project is based, are decrypted until the uniqueness of their character is identified. "Only Time can fix the price of things, people always start by being dazzled." As Voltaire, Atelier Arcau gives value to the requirement of durability, sustainability of a Work of Art. It is this delicacy subtlety of approach that prevailed and led to recent awards for the “Steel band” project (Prix des Hermines 2012), the “Apprentice Training Centre” (Prix architecture Bretagne 2012) and the "Salorge" Project at the World Architecture Festival 2012 (civic and community category award) and the AMO french architecture award 2012 (Prix grdf). Mixing, grappling, discussions and in-depth study... Xavier Fraud and Julien Veyron have gathered around them a team of 30 enthusiastic people who - at every stage when developing the quality of projects - are dedicated to "provide more". A generous and optimistic conception of architecture and urbanism.
atelier arcau
Immeuble Steel Band - B.P. 57 cedex
68, rue Anita Conti
56002 Vannes
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