Studio Komma / The Men of Foam


Works12. April 2017
By: Studio Komma / The Men of Foam
The Hague, Netherlands - 2016
Wide stairs welcome visitors to the lifted square. (All images © Studio Komma / The Men of Foam)
The Dutch architectural firm Studio Komma, in close collaboration with concept-developer The Men of Foam, is the winner of the ‘’Kavel 2 ‘Urban Lab’ Challenge’’ in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Civic Architects

New Cyprus Archeology Museum

Works11. April 2017
By: Civic Architects
Lefkosia, Cyprus - 2017
Entrance view (All images courtesy of Civic Architects)
Civic, a young Dutch architecture firm that was recently founded by members of The Cloud Collective, developed a new concept for history museums. The concept was tested and applied in their proposal for the new national museum of Cyprus competition, which involves a 20.000 m2 archeology museum in Lefkosia, addressing the history of Cyprus.
David Adjaye

Aïshti Foundation

Works10. April 2017
By: Julien Lanoo
Beirut, Lebanon - 2016
Photo: Julien Lanoo
Located in the suburbs of Beirut along the coastal highway to Byblos, the Aïshti Foundation has become a focal point in the previously industrial neighborhood. A mix of commercial and cultural programs defines the building.
Staab Architekten

General Renovation of the Landtag in Baden-Württemberg

Works 6. April 2017
By: Staab Architekten
Stuttgart, Germany - 2016
Photo: Marcus Ebener
While renovating the landmarked Landtag (state parliament) in Baden-Württemberg — the first construction of a parliament building in Europe after the Second World War — the plenary hall is to be naturally lit and opened up to the adjacent foyer.
Kwong Von Glinow Design Office

The Table Top Apartments

Works 5. April 2017
By: Kwong Von Glinow Design Office
New York City New York, USA - 2017
Tenement Massing (All images courtesy of Kwong Von Glinow Design Office)
Kwong Von Glinow Design Office has been awarded first prize for their New York Affordable Housing Challenge competition entry. Their project responds to Mayor de Blasio’s priority placed on creating more affordable housing in New York City, by using both new sites and redeveloping existing sites.
APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Works 4. April 2017
By: APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki
Ehime, Japan - 2015
Photo: Masao Nishikawa
The client of this project, working in an advertising agency as a graphic designer, acquired a piece of land on a hilltop with a good view—then requested the design of a residence with airiness and openness.
Snøhetta and Casson Mann

Lascaux IV

Works 3. April 2017
By: Snøhetta and Casson Mann
Montignac, France - 2016
Photo: Boegly + Grazia photographers
The new International Centre for Cave Art in Montignac, France, welcomes visitors to an immersive educational experience of the prehistoric Lascaux cave paintings. Architects Snøhetta and SRA, alongside scenographer Casson Mann, worked closely with a team of archaeologists to create a holistic museum and educational experience. 
Jourdan Campus Redevelopment

TVAA Architects

Works 3. April 2017
By: TVAA Architects
Paris, France - 2017
Photo: Takuchi Shimmura
A showcase of knowledge with an international reputation now occupies the corner of Boulevard Jourdan and Rue de la Tombe-Issoire in the south of Paris. Designed by Thierry Van de Wyngaert and Véronique Fiegel, the Jourdan Campus for higher education and research brings unites the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the Paris School of Economics. 
Metaform architects

Residential Building with 15 Units

Works31. March 2017
By: Metaform architects
Dommeldange, Luxembourg - 2016
Photo: Steve Troes Fotodesign (All photographs courtesy of v2com)
When it comes to housing, one of the main problems people are facing in most urban areas today – often places of constant growth and raising housing demands – is a need to choose an apartment typology over single-family houses not because of their desire, but out of necessity.
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

New Scotland Yard

Works30. March 2017
By: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
London, Great Britain - 2016
Photo: Timothy Soar
Stirling Prize-winning architect Allford Hall Monaghan Morris has designed an emblematic headquarters for the Metropolitan Police Service in London. The £60m new headquarters is a radical re-modelling and extension of the Curtis Green Building, a 1930s prominent riverside site in Westminster, central London.