A Glass House Like a Grapevine

Products14. October 2016
By: John Hill, Thomas Geuder
In Dielsdorf near Zurich, L3P Architekten have built a residence with a transparent facade. (Picture: Vito Stallone / Glas Trösch)
An area of 45 square meters is not much for the planning of a house. Nevertheless L3P Architekten managed to make room for a family of four in Dielsdorf near Zurich – using the logic of the surrounding grapevines to articulate the structure.

Aluminum 'Blades of Grass'

Products30. September 2016
By: John Hill
The new building seen from the east (Photo: Filippo Romano – all photographs courtesy of Pedrali)
Italian architect Cino Zucchi has covered the new automated warehouse for furniture company Pedrali with aluminum fins in three shades of green in reference to the countryside that surrounds the building.

Shading the Strip

Products15. September 2016
By: John Hill
Photo: Hanns Joosten (All images courtesy of !melk)
"The Park," the first-ever park on the Las Vegas Strip, opened to the public in April. Designed by New York's !melk landscape architecture & urban design, the five-acre park is dotted with clumps of steel shade structures alongside some 250 trees.

Tin House in London

Products 2. September 2016
By: John Hill, Thomas Geuder
Photo: Timothy Soar
In London's Shepherd's Bush area, Henning Stummel Architects has built a house whose rooms are arranged like monks' cells around a courtyard. The roofs and walls are clad in standing seam metal panels covered with a unique bio-based coating.

An Icy Vista

Products18. July 2016
By: John Hill, Thomas Geuder
The Silesian Museum in Katowice connects the area's history of mining and heavy industry and mining with the beginning of a new era. (Photo: Wojciech Kryński)
Riegler Riewe Architekten designed the Silesian Museum in Katowice, Poland, with primarily underground galleries. The building reveals itself on the surface as glass cubes with an almost icy appearance.

A Frieze of Light in Basel

Products30. June 2016
By: John Hill, Thomas Geuder
The extension to the Kunstmuseum Basel occupies a prominent place in the city center. (Photo: Derek Li Wan Po)
The much anticipated extension of the Kunstmuseum Basel opened to the public in April. Architects Emanuel Christ and Chrisoph Gantenbein have crafted a building that interprets the classical elements of architecture found in the museum's main building. A dynamic Light Frieze across the facade is an intergral part of their approach.
West Elevation (Photo: Anton Grassl/Esto)
The Machado Silvetti-designed Center for Asian Art, an addition to the Ringling Museum of Art, is covered in more than 3,000 deep-green, glazed terra cotta tiles that boldy mark the entrance to the grand Florida institution.
The Work of Solano Benítez in Paraguay (All photographs by John Hill/World-Architects)
Three of the most impressive structures within Reporting from the Front, the exhibition directed by Alejandro Aravena, are masonry vaults: one made from brick and "unqualified labor"; one made from unreinforced, cut stone; and one made from clay tile and built by students.
Losada García Arquitectos: Cultural Center La Gota – Tobacco Museum (Photo: Miguel de Guzman)
At the 2016 AIA Convention in Philadelphia this week, Shildan Group launched Fabrik® by Flexbrick, which consists of a stainless steel mesh woven with materials such as ceramic tiles to create unique screen walls.

For the Birds

Products 9. May 2016
By: John Hill
West elevation (Photo: Richard Barnes)
On Friday, May 6th, the Bridge for Laboratory Sciences at Vassar College was dedicated. Designed by Richard Olcott of Ennead Architects as part of the school's Integrated Science Commons, the new building features two types of bird-safe glass that make it a welcome addition to the Poughkeepsie, New York, campus.