New Soweto Theatre Opens

Film 4. June 2012
By: John Hill
A new theatre has opened in Soweto, one of Johannesburg, South Africa's poorest neighborhoods. The colorful theatre is designed by Afritects.

ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower

Film21. May 2012
By: John Hill
The Guardian's Jonathan Jones takes viewers on a video tour of the ArcelorMittal Orbit tower in East London's Olympic Village. The red-steel maelstrom is the product of artist Anish Kapoor and engineer Cecil Balmond.

Der Lauf der Dinge

Film 7. May 2012
By: John Hill
In memory of Swiss artist David Weiss, who died on April 27, 2012: Der Lauf der Dinge (The Way Things Go), an artwork done with longtime collaborator Peter Fischli.

The Periphery of Perception

Film23. April 2012
By: John Hill
Twin brothers Ryan and Trevor Oakes devote their artwork to exploring visual perception and its representation. For an exhibition at EMPAC Rensselaer in Troy, New York, the brothers created an immersive drawing of the Grimshaw-designed concert hall.