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NMAAHC Opens in DC

Found23. September 2016
By: John Hill
Photo: Alan Karchmer/NMAAHC
Tomorrow, 24 September 2016, the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History & Culture will be dedicated in Washington, DC. To celebrate its much-anticipated opening, we present ten facts on the project through photos of the completed building.

Calatrava Builds Next to Calatrava

Headlines23. September 2016
By: John Hill
All images courtesy of Haus Zum Falken
Architect Santiago Calatrava has unveiled plans for a "cutting-edge office building" to be located next to the Calatrava-designed Stadelhofen rail station in Zurich.

Lobby Renovation for the Bank of Slovenia

Works23. September 2016
By: Sadar+Vuga
Ljubljana, Slovenia - 2016
All photographs courtesy of Sadar+Vuga
Bank of Slovenia's headquarters are located on Slovenska Boulevard. The portal of the 1920s building is adorned by two mighty Atlants. Behind this impressive entrance is the central lobby of the Bank of Slovenia.

Growing a New Society

Insight22. September 2016
By: Katinka Corts
The Footbridge, Ferdinand Ludwig and Oliver Storz, 2005 (Photo: C. Moro)
Baubotanik, “Living Plant Construction,” is an artificial word – composed of the German words “Bau” (construction) and “Botanik” (botany) – and a method of constructing living buildings with living plants. We spoke with Ferdinand Ludwig, who has applied himself to building with plants for more than ten years and has done research into this field at Stuttgart University since 2007.
Caramel Architekten

House D

Works22. September 2016
By: Caramel Architekten
Near Vienna, Austria - 2016
Photo: Christian Sperr
The property of House D is located in the middle of a block of buildings, which are surrounded by the local streets, and each building is part of the formation of a big wonderful garden right in the heart of the block.
Chicago Architecture Biennial

Chicago Architecture Biennial Names 2017 Directors

Headlines21. September 2016
By: John Hill
Sharon Johnston & Mark Lee (Photo courtesy of Chicago Architecture Biennial)
Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee, of Los Angeles architecture firm Johnston Marklee, have been named the artistic directors for the second Chicago Architecture Biennial.
Ian Moore Architects

McLeod House

Works21. September 2016
By: Ian Moore Architects
Sydney New South Wales, Australia - 2015
Photo: Daniel Mayne
The house was conceived as an open viewing platform, with an overlaid veil to modify the internal conditions. Internally the planning is essentially open spaces modified by sliding screens, rather than traditional cellular rooms with doors.
Wiel Arets Architects


Works21. September 2016
By: Wiel Arets Architects
Zurich, Switzerland - 2016
Photo: Jan Bitter
The mixed-use building is an integral component of a larger effort by the city of Zürich to rebrand its Escher-Wyss district through a metamorphosis of new development, including green spaces, bikes lanes, and a plethora of new housing.
OPEN Architecture

Pudong Art Museum

Works20. September 2016
By: OPEN Architecture
Shanghai, China - 2016
All images courtesy of OPEN Architecture
Recently, Shanghai organized an international competition for the new Art Museum of Pudong. The site of the project is located at a prominent spot on the tip of Pudong’s Lujiazui CBD area directly below the Oriental Pearl Tower.

2016 Daylight Awards

Headlines20. September 2016
By: John Hill
Marilyne Andersen and Steven Holl (Photos courtesy of The Daylight Award)
New York architect Steven Holl and Swiss professor Marilyne Andersen have been named the 2016 laureates of The Daylight Award in the Architecture and Research categories, respectively.