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KRONA Knowledge and Cultural Centre

Works22. July 2016
By: Mecanoo
Kongsberg, Norway - 2015
Photo: © Mecanoo
The KRONA Knowledge and Cultural Centre enhances Kongsberg’s cultural institutions and stimulates interaction between diverse communities and disciplines.
Claudio Silvestrin Architects

Cannon Lane House, Hampstead

Works22. July 2016
By: Claudio Silvestrin Architects
Hampstead, London, Great Britain - 2015
Photo: Pietro Savorelli
This newly built house is located in the conservation area of Hampstead village in north-west London.
Photo: Maxim Schulz
The much-anticipated Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany, designed by Herzog & de Meuron, will open to the public in January 2017, fourteen years after the Swiss architecs began the project.
Luciano Lerner Basso, architect

House 4.16.3

Works21. July 2016
By: Luciano Lerner Basso
Erechim Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - 2015
Photo: Marcelo Donadussi
House 4.16.3 is located in the city of Erechim, in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, brazilian state, around 400 km from the state capital, Porto Alegre. The region has a subtropical climate, with warm, humid summers and chilly, rainy winters, which poses yet another challenge to the architect, in terms of habitability.
Tropical Space Co.,Ltd

The Terra Cotta Studio

Works20. July 2016
By: Le Thi Hanh Nguyen
Dien Phuong, Dien Ban, Vietnam - 2016
Facade (Photo: Hiroyuki Oki | All photographs courtesy of v2com)
The Terra Cotta Studio - a brick building gives the Vietnamese artist a dedicated place for creating clay sculptures and pottery.

Saving Corbusier and Niemeyer

Headlines19. July 2016
By: John Hill
Le Corbusier: Chapelle notre-Dame du Haut (Photo: Paul Koslowsky © FLC/ADAGP)
Important works by modern masters Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer have been added to UNESCO's World Heritage List by their World Heritage Committee.
Pedevilla Architects

Fire Station Vierschach

Works19. July 2016
By: Pedevilla Architects
Vierschach/Innichen Trento-Alto Adige, Italy - 2016
Gustav Willeit
The design prioritizes simplicity and durability. Inside, stone pine and native Loden wood were used to create a warm contrast to the concrete exterior, providing a welcoming atmosphere to the space, which doubles as a hall for residents.
NEXT architects

Rose Museum

Works19. July 2016
By: NEXT architects
Beijing, China - 2016
Photo: Xiao Kaixiong
On 23 May 2016, the world’s first Rose Museum officially opened to the public. This is the same day as the start of the 2016 World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS) Convention.


Works18. July 2016
Lausanne, Switzerland - 2016
Photo: Dylan Perrenoud / ALICE EPFL
HOUSE 1 is an architectural installation based on an experimental format for collaborative design and construction by ALICE (Atelier de la Conception de l’Espace) – an international group of young architects and researchers, scientists, and doctoral candidates from the EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), led by the Director Dieter Dietz.

An Icy Vista

Products18. July 2016
By: John Hill, Thomas Geuder
The Silesian Museum in Katowice connects the area's history of mining and heavy industry and mining with the beginning of a new era. (Photo: Wojciech Kryński)
Riegler Riewe Architekten designed the Silesian Museum in Katowice, Poland, with primarily underground galleries. The building reveals itself on the surface as glass cubes with an almost icy appearance.