Design Philosophy
The work of Architectenburo Anja Vissers is characterized by a unique design, created through a perfect match between the proper identity of the architect’s office and the client’s wishes.
The quality of life for the inhabitants is key. Natural light, an optimal, logical circulation and functionality are therefore crucial in our design. The use of unique textures and materials provides warmth and gracious living. The main goal is that the client is happy in the home environment.
A vision in which architecture and interior design go hand in hand in a spatial game. We do not design “empty boxes”, but all-encompassing projects with a soul. The collaboration between the architect and the interior designer are key in this. A team that is dedicated to monitoring the entire construction process in which every element is developed in to the smallest detail. Simplicity is a sign of perfection and a house designed by Architectenburo Anja Vissers is powerful in its own simplicity.
Architectenburo Anja Vissers
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Interior Design