Tokyo, Japan, 2016
To attain harmonious balance of gorgeousness and subtleness in lighting. The Japanese Cuisine have been appointed by UNESCO as the World Heritage few years ago.  This Restaurant has been... more
Aichi, Japan, 2016
―At-Home and Barrier-Free Lighting Design adopted to bridge between Auto Cultures and Communities― Automobile sales in Japan no longer interested in selling cars per se.  Now Nagoya TOYOPET... more
Saitama, Japan, 2015
ALG has been asked by the client to bring in Japan’ master architect, Kengo Kuma and Associates (KKAA)to design small resting and refresh shop at Shobu Parking Area to be located between... more
Hangzhou, China, 2015
-New lighting for new high-end Residential Complex in resort city Hangzhou- The New York Architect, RAMSA, have worked on many high-end high rise Residential Complex in major cities in... more
Tokyo, Japan, 2015
Eco-Oriented Lighting Design for City Hall and Residential in One Tower This project is the first of its kind in Japan to mix the governmental together with residential buildings in one tower... more
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2014
Lighting design for luxury residential spaces The Project reflects the need for luxurious residential spaces for well-to-do Hong Kong young and middle-aged market. It comprises 12 towers with... more
Saitama, Japan, 2014
A new environmental lighting design for educational facilities and the landscaping. The overall project had been concluded since 2012 after the completion of the construction phase 3 at the end... more
Saitama, Japan, 2013
A Complex Offering Students to initiate Communications. Upon completion of Phase 1, Dining Commons, he board completed Phase 2, M-Commons. The Complex composed of Multipurpose Student... more
Saitama, Japan, 2012
Light to create new life style for students. The Daito Bunka University has initiated the Campus Master Plan ranging from Phase 1 thru Phase 4, beginning 2009 thru 2014. ALG was commissioned to... more
Taiwan, Taiwan, 2012
Lighting Design for new Hakka Museum It was government project to built museum function to preserve and to research Hakka people’s culture. Another important function of this facility... more
Tokyo, Japan, 2011
New Lighting Design for New Comers to Tokyo. This facility is the social club composed mainly Americans who reside in Japan and also open to other foreign and domestic elites to create club... more
Tokyo, Japan, 2007
Lighting Design in Collaboration with FMS of New York. ALG has been commissioned to collaborate with FMS of NY to tackle this huge project in heart of Tokyo. The site is very close proximity... more
Yamagata, Japan, 2006
Lighting design for a Ryokan, Japanese inn. In very small secluded hot spring in Yamagata , Ginzan-Onsen flourished in 1600 for their silver mines. Now hardly any trace of mines except fine... more
Tokyo, Japan, 2005
Lighting design for the large atrium space. In the middle of old downtown, Mitsui Fudosan, built their flag-ship building. Here, all Mitsui Group will be gathered from various business fields.... more
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2004
Lighting Design Takes In Magnificent View of Hong Kong. The project located at the tip of Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong. The site faces directly perpendicular to the Central, Hong Kong... more
Tokyo, Japan, 2004
New Lighting for urban commercial facilities. During Edo Period, people started the journey to Kyoto starting from Nihonbashi, thereafter stopping 52 resting stations. Nihonbashi was the... more
Qatar, Qatar, 2002
Lighting toward Heaven. One of most memorable and important architectural design by Isozaki stands at sea front of central part of Doha. The design has a reminiscent of “Metabolism”... more
Nagano, Japan, 2001
Lighting design for a new guest house. This small guest house in resort area of Karuizawa represents Kuma’s unique approach to the architecture. The guest house supported mainly by two... more
Tokyo, Japan, 2000
New Lighting for urban commercial facilities. In the midst of Tokyo, a new 44 stored office lowers comes into being. It is situated just next to the House of Prime Minister, legislative section... more
Shiga, Japan, 1998
Lighting design for a new museum. This beautiful museum houses two great existing Japanese artists, Ikuo Hirayama and Churyo Sato. Two wings named after the artists designed over the pond which... more
Shizuoka, Japan, 1998
Lighting design for a new cultural center. This is the largest project ever to be done by Japan’s great architect, Arata Isozaki. The complex houses, the large hall, drama hall, and... more
Shiga, Japan, 1997
Lighting design for a new museum in collaboration with FMS New York. A beautifully executed architectural work and has received many recognitions as one of the top museums in the world. The... more
Shizuoka, Japan, 1994
Lighting design for a new guest house. This new guest house for the toy company is becoming one of the masterpieces for the young architect, Kengo Kuma. His architecture blends perfectly with... more
Tokyo, Japan, 1994
Lighting design for a new administration wing. Exterior lighting at the Annex, combined with the lighting of the temple, is used for special occasions and extends a welcoming gesture to the... more
Tokyo, Japan, 1993
Lighting design for a new religious dancing hall. Meiji Shrine stands amidst of serene quite forest in middle of Tokyo adjacent to a fashionable Harajuku. The Meiji Shrine is the most... more
2016 Ginza Kitcho, Tokyo

2016 Nagoya TOYOPET Miyoshi Showroom, Aichi

2015  Shobu Parking Area, Saitama

2015  Vanke Metropolis 79  Sales Center, China

2014 Toshima Ward Office New Building (Toshima Eco-Musee Town), Tokyo

2013 Daito Bunka University Higashi Matsuyama Campus Phase2, Saitama

2012 Daito Bunka University Higashi Matsuyama Campus Phase1, Saitama

2012 Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center, Taiwan

2012 Chongqing Jiangbeizui Financial City No.2, China

2011 Tokyo American Club, Tokyo

2007 Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo

2006 Ginzan Hotspring Fujiya inn, Yamagata

2005 Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower, Tokyo

2004 Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum, Nagasaki

2004 Vision City, Hong Kong

2004 One Silver Sea, China

2004 COREDO Nihonbashi, Tokyo

2003 Qatar National Library, Qatar

2002 Taisho Pharmaceutical Corporation Headquater Building, Tokyo

2001 Forest / Floor, Nagano

2001 Shimano Headquater Building, Osaka

2000 Sanno Park Tower, Tokyo

1999 Tokyo Sankei Building, Tokyo

1998 Niigata-City Performing Arts Center "RYUTOPIA", Niigata

1998 Sagawa Art Museum, Shiga

1998 Shizuoka Convention & Arts Center ゛GRANSHIP゛, Shizuoka

1997 MIHO MUSEUM, Shiga

1998 The Museum of Modern Art Museum Gunma, Gunma

1995 Shinjuku Island, Tokyo

1994 Water / Glass, Shizuoka

1994 Myouchikai Annex, Tokyo

1993 Meiji Shrine Dancing Hall, Tokyo
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