northmodern is Scandinavia’s innovative furniture and design trade show in Bella Center Copenhagen, frist launched in January 2015. northmodern’s vision is to bring back Copenhagen on the world map as a leading destination for furniture & lifestyle brands.
  • Design Community
Design has always been part of Denmark’s DNA but there is currently a new creative energy coursing through Copenhagen. Whether it is architecture, urban planning, gastronomy, design or fashion, Copenhagen is offering new ways of thinking about old problems. Our mission is to channel that energy to put Copenhagen and Denmark back on the world map as the undisputed destination for the international design community.

We want to harness that energy to unite brands, designers, artists, craftsmen, media and turn this into a real community of creatives working together to innovate, elevate and redefine the design industry.

Uniting culture with design brands, buyers, press, retail and technology, northmodern opens up new and exciting possibilities that venture beyond the boundaries of traditional trade fairs accompanied each season by a creative exhibition.

Photo ©  Emil Wiis Waagensen (NORTH WIND)
05.09.2017 - 05.11.2017
Center Boulevard 5