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<連続講演会>建築家が創造する建築文化の未来 ー建築模型、その価値と可能性ー

模型を『展示しながら保存する』新しい発想のミュージアム「建築倉庫」において連続講演会を開催します。 建築家が創造する建築文化の未来_ー建築模型、その価値と可能性ー 第1回 9月28日(水) 斎藤 公男(日本大学名誉教授/A-Forum代表) 第2回 10月26日(水) 山梨... more
Date/s: 09.28.2016 - 03.29.2017 - Location: 東京都Japan

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Webinar: Light, Art and Biophilia Presented by Maja Petric

Like art, light inspires. From sunsets to starlight, fireworks to fireflies, humans often perceive light as poetic and inspiring. But light does much more than just stir imagination; how we... more
Date/s: 02.23.2017 - Location: Netherlands

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361° Conference - Architectural Revolution

One of the oldest and most respected design forums in India, the 361° Design Conference is an initiative by Indian Architect & Builder to inspire a truly relevant discussion on... more
Date/s: 02.24.2017 - 02.25.2017 - Location: MumbaiIndia

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Emerging Voices: Brian Bell and David Yocum; Frida Escobedo

Emerging Voices 2017 Brian Bell and David Yocum, Principals, BLDGS, Atlanta, Georgia Frida Escobedo, Principal, Frida Escobedo, Taller de Arquitectura, Mexico... more
Date/s: 03.02.2017 - Location: New York, NYUSA

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Emerging Voices: Roy Decker & Anne Marie Duvall Decker; Chris Leong & Dominic Leong

Emerging Voices 2017 Roy Decker and Anne Marie Duvall Decker, Duvall Decker Architects, Jackson, Mississippi Chris Leong and Dominic Leong, Leong Leong, New York City Introduced by Billie... more
Date/s: 03.09.2017 - Location: New York, NYUSA

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Landscape Lectures: Adriaan Geuze

For nearly 30 years Adriaan Geuze and West 8 have been at the forefront of international urban design and landscape architecture. Geuze, the cofounder and design director of West 8, is... more
Date/s: 03.09.2017 - Location: Boston, MAUSA

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Open City: NY-Paris

Refugee Housing in Paris Michael Kimmelman, New York Times Architecture Critic, will moderate the discussion with: Jean-Louis Missika, Paris Deputy Mayor of Architecture, Planning... more
Date/s: 03.10.2017 - Location: New York, NYUSA



講演者:横内 敏人氏 テーマ:和の住宅設計手法 more
Date/s: 03.11.2017 - Location: 名古屋市Japan

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Emerging Voices: Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Solà-Morales; Thomas F. Robinson

Emerging Voices 2017 Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Solà-Morales, Cadaval Solà-Morales, Mexico City and Barcelona Thomas F. Robinson, LEVER Architecture, Portland,... more
Date/s: 03.16.2017 - Location: New York, NYUSA

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Emerging Voices: Jonathan Tate; David Scott and Susan Scott

Emerging Voices 2017 Jonathan Tate, OJT, New Orleans, Louisiana David Scott and Susan Scott, Scott & Scott Architects, Vancouver, Canada Introduced by Ian Volner The... more
Date/s: 03.23.2017 - Location: New York, NYUSA