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aat + makoto yokomizo architects


Works28. September 2016
By: aat + makoto yokomizo architects
Tokyo, Japan - 2014
All photographs courtesy of aat + makoto yokomizo architects
The small house is in the depths of the alley of Yanaka, Taitou-ku. From the site facing the temple, a good persimmon tree and big cherry tree are seen over the gravestones.
Richard Meier & Partners Architects

New Apartments and New Engel & Volkers Headquarters

Works27. September 2016
By: Richard Meier & Partners Architects
Hamburg, Germany
Rendering: bloomimages
The mixed-use building is the most recent development in Hamburg’s HafenCity by Richard Meier & Partners Architects and it will combine the new Engel & Völkers headquarters, luxury condominiums, and rental apartments.

Carmel Place

Works27. September 2016
New York New York, USA - 2016
Photo: Iwan Baan
nARCHITECTS’ Carmel Place (formerly known as My Micro NY), with Monadnock Development, is the winning proposal in the adAPT NYC an initiative launched as part of former Mayor Bloomberg’s administration’s New Housing Marketplace Plan to accommodate the city’s growing small household population.

'Architecture That's Built to Heal'

Film26. September 2016
By: John Hill
Photo: Bret Hartman / TED
In a fifteen-minute TED Talk from February 2016, Michael Murphy, co-founder of Boston's MASS Design Group, presents some of their "lo-fab" projects that embody "a holistic approach that produces community as well as (beautiful) buildings."
Bourgeois / Lechasseur Architects

Altaïr House

Works26. September 2016
By: Bourgeois / Lechasseur Architects
Cap-à-l'Aigle Quebec, Canada - 2016
Photo: Adrien Williams (All photographs courtesy of v2com)
This house, whose name refers to the brightest star in the Aquila constellation, is located in Cap-à-l'Aigle, in the region of Charlevoix. Altaïr means "The Flying Eagle."
Bureau A


Works26. September 2016
By: Bureau A
Basel, Switzerland - 2016
Photo: Dylan Perrenoud
SHELTER is a temporary installation designed by BUREAU A for the annual meeting of the Swiss Architectural Association (BSA/FAS). Inspired by the shape of underground shelters, the inflatable structure is a small club with a bar and a dancefloor. The structure and the furniture is entirely made of black PVC membrane. When the party is over, the installation is quickly deflated and transported to the next location.

NMAAHC Opens in DC

Found23. September 2016
By: John Hill
Photo: Alan Karchmer/NMAAHC
Tomorrow, 24 September 2016, the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History & Culture will be dedicated in Washington, DC. To celebrate its much-anticipated opening, we present ten facts on the project through photos of the completed building.

Calatrava Builds Next to Calatrava

Headlines23. September 2016
By: John Hill
All images courtesy of Haus Zum Falken
Architect Santiago Calatrava has unveiled plans for a "cutting-edge office building" to be located next to the Calatrava-designed Stadelhofen rail station in Zurich.

Lobby Renovation for the Bank of Slovenia

Works23. September 2016
By: Sadar+Vuga
Ljubljana, Slovenia - 2016
All photographs courtesy of Sadar+Vuga
Bank of Slovenia's headquarters are located on Slovenska Boulevard. The portal of the 1920s building is adorned by two mighty Atlants. Behind this impressive entrance is the central lobby of the Bank of Slovenia.

Growing a New Society

Insight22. September 2016
By: Katinka Corts
The Footbridge, Ferdinand Ludwig and Oliver Storz, 2005 (Photo: C. Moro)
Baubotanik, “Living Plant Construction,” is an artificial word – composed of the German words “Bau” (construction) and “Botanik” (botany) – and a method of constructing living buildings with living plants. We spoke with Ferdinand Ludwig, who has applied himself to building with plants for more than ten years and has done research into this field at Stuttgart University since 2007.