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2016 Monograph Roundup

Insight 2. December 2016
By: John Hill
As the year draws to a close we're presenting a selection of monographs on World-Architects member firms. Like last year's list, this baker's dozen illustrates that the architectural monograph is alive and well.
Michael Green Architecture, DLR Group


Works 2. December 2016
By: Michael Green Architecture
Minneapolis Minnesota, USA - 2016
T3: Timber, Technology, Transit (Photo: Ema Peter; all photographs courtesy of v2com)
Designed by Vancouver based Michael Green Architecture (MGA) in conjunction with architect of record DLR Group, the seven-story high-rise in Minneapolis’s North Loop neighborhood is the largest mass timber building in the United States.
Paul Kaloustian Architect

COAF Smart Center

Works 1. December 2016
By: Paul Kaloustian Architect
Lori Loṙy, Armenia - 2017
All images courtesy of Paul Kaloustian Architect
The COAF Smart Center is a pioneering model for delivering superior and regionally relevant educational, social, economical and community programs in rural areas with an emphasis on technology, sustainability, arts, music, modern healthcare and lifestyle, linguistics and languages, business, and civic engagement.

Guggenheim Helsinki Rejected

Headlines 1. December 2016
By: John Hill
Guggenheim Helsinki competition-winning design by Moreau Kusunoki Architectes (Images courtesy of Guggenheim Helsinki)
Overnight the Helsinki City Council voted 53-32 against funding the construction of the proposed Guggenheim Helsinki, putting an end to the project.

Contemporary European Architecture ATLAS

Film 1. December 2016
By: John Hill, Miriam Giordano
Photo: Adrian Pedrazas Profumo
The recently published Contemporary European Architecture ATLAS collects, for the first time, all of the nominated projects from the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award—2,881 projects spanning from the first edition in 1988 to the fourteenth in 2015. A short film gives a peek inside the book—with a little help from some toy dinosaurs.

OMA's Faena Forum Opens

Found30. November 2016
By: John Hill
Photo: Bruce Damonte (All photographs courtesy of OMA)
Argentinian developer Alan Faena marked the completion of his Faena District in Miami Beach with week-long festivities that included a Carneval-esque parade and site-specific performances inside OMA's Faena Forum, the cultural heart of the new district.
Ramon Esteve Estudio

Portet House

Works30. November 2016
By: Ramon Esteve Estudio
Moraira-Teulada, Alicante, Spain - 2016
All photographs courtesy of Ramon Esteve Estudio
The House of el Portet, is located on a narrow and elongated plot in a residential area of Moraira. It has distant sea views, through a wooded area. The dimensions of the house are visually enlarged by the addition of the space of the garden, which serves as a big background stage. 
Image: DBOX/Eric Parry Architects
The City of London’s Planning and Transport Committee has approved a resolution to grant permission on 1 Undershaft, a 73-story, supertall tower designed by Eric Parry Architects.

Apple Campus Construction Update

Film29. November 2016
By: John Hill
Photo: Screenshot
It's been over a year since we last checked in on the construction of Norman Foster's "spaceship" for Apple in Cupertino, California. Drone footage by Sexton Videography reveals that the end is near.

All About the Serpentine Pavilion

Film29. November 2016
By: John Hill
Bjarke Ingels in front of his 2016 Serpentine Pavilion (Photo: Screenshot)
The Serpentine Pavilion Programme, in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, has released a short film that presents the current pavilion and looks back at the history of the Serpentine Pavilion since its conception in 2000 by Serpentine Gallery Director Julia Peyton-Jones.