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The Tanner Hill

Works, 15. February 2017
By: Ronald Lu & Partners
Hong Kong Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2015

Lifts include seats for resting and can accommodate beds. (Photo: © Ronald Lu & Partners)

The Tanner Hill, a housing development for the elderly, was designed to address Hong Kong’s urgent demand for senior care facilities. It is not simply a residential development where elderly people live; The Tanner Hill also provides a comprehensive range of health care and amenity facilities to encourage healthy lifestyle to its ageing residents, both physically and psychologically.

Universal accessibility and sustainability are two important design principles of The Tanner Hill’s four-level podium and the three residential towers immediately above it.

Photo: © Ronald Lu & Partners

The Tanner Hill provides senior citizens with a continuum of professional healthcare and skilled care services, as well as thoughtful home and lifestyle amenities. Facilities include a specialty Chinese medicine clinic, a family medicine and primary care centre, a senior citizen wellness centre, a gymnasium with fitness equipment for the aged, an indoor heated swimming pool with pool lift and more. These facilities allow retirees to spend their golden years in a healthy and hassle-free environment.

Photo: © Ronald Lu & Partners

Special architectural interior design features geared towards senior users are incorporated throughout the development. Lifts are capable of accommodating beds and include space to manoeuvre wheelchairs, along with built-in seats for resting; floor numbers are larger than normal for easy identification, handrails are found throughout public spaces, including corridors, to support seniors as they get around, and specific home furniture heights and two-level security viewers facilitate the needs of wheelchair users.

Large floor numbers allow easy identification. (Photo: © Ronald Lu & Partners)

RLP’s architects also fully considered the spiritual needs of the elderly residents, delivering a comprehensive range of facilities which provide a relaxed ambience and adequate space for various social activities to enhance their wellbeing.

Handrails are provided in the corridors to aid in movement. (Photo: © Ronald Lu & Partners)

Extra common spaces were provided to stimulate social activities among the residents. They can relax, read or chat with their neighbours in the exclusive clubhouse. They can enjoy spending spare time in the mini-theatre, the entertainment room, the arts and crafts studio or the multi-function room. They can also spend quality time with visiting children in the children’s playroom.

Two-level security viewers on doors. (Photo: © Ronald Lu & Partners)

The Tanner Hill adopts the concept of “ageing in place” and provides a “one-stop” service model to deliver a sustainable lifestyle catering to the needs of Hong Kong’s growing ageing population. This development is a homey, elderly-friendly and safe living place for senior residents and a lively community which facilitates and enhances social connections. The Tanner Hill is a perfect example of RLP’s “design better life” principle in action.

Homey and safe public spaces are provided for social activities. Copyright 2017 Ronald Lu & Partners

Project Details | Project Name: The Tanner Hill | Location: North Point, Hong Kong | Site Area: 7,135 sm | GFA: 57,000 sm | Architect: Ronald Lu & Partners | Design/Completion: 2007/2015 | Client/Owner: Hong Kong Housing Society

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