Reinventing Paris in 23 Sites

Headlines, 5. February 2016
By: John Hill

Ternes-Villiers (17e): "La Ville Multi-Strate" by Jacques Ferrier Architectures / Chartier Dalix Architectes / SLA Paysagistes

Following the November 2014 announcement by Mayor Anne Hidalgo and her Deputy Mayor in charge of urban planning, Jean-Louis Missika, to solicit ideas for 23 urban sites in Paris, the winning proposals have been revealed.

As we reported previously, the open international contest Reinventing Paris aims "to select and implement the new forms of buildings that will shape the future of Paris." Winning designers include David Chipperfield, Jacques Ferrier, Sou Fujimoto and X-TU Architects. Here we highlight some of the more interesting proposals, though the full list, with renderings, can be found on the Reinventing Paris website.

Morland (4e): "Mixite Capitale" by David Chipperfield Architects / Calq Architecture / Olafur Eliasson, Studio Other Spaces (artists) / Michel Desvigne (landscape)

Sous-station Voltaire (11e): "Etoile Voltaire" by Olivier Palatre Architectes / Atelier Roberta (landscape)

Gare Masséna (13e): "Realimenter Massena, L'Alimentation de la Fourche a la Fourchette" by DGT Architects

Paris Rive Gauche (13e): "In Vivo" by X-TU Architectes

Poterne des peupliers (13e): "Node" by AAVP Architecture Vincent Parreira / Antonio Virga architecte / Patrick Blanc, Paul Arène (landscape)

Edison (13e): "Edison Lite" by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

Pershing (17e): "Milles Arbres" by Sou Fujimoto Architects / Manal Rachdi, Oxo Architectes / Moz Paysage / Atelier Paul Arène, Pierre-Alexandre Risser Horticulture & Jardins (landscape)