Image courtesy of CL3VER

The Mies van der Rohe Foundation and CL3VER, a 3D visualization company, have released an interactive 3D tour of Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion that can be used on web, mobile, and virtual reality devices.

The tour, which is the first piece coming out of an agreement between the Foundation and CL3VER, enables those who haven't visited the pavilion to gain an immersive experience, while also allowing visitors to learn more about the building beforehand or afterwards. 

People accessing the tour on the Miesbcn website can click the arrows to traverse a counterclockwise loop through the pavilion. Alternatively, clicking within the image enables them to tilt and pan around the virtual model. Blocks of strategically placed text deepen one's understanding of the pavilion's history, design, materials, furniture and other features.

Although a virtual model can never replace the experience of visiting a building in person, CL3VER's 3D tour commendably integrates information ​in a way that should be more appealing to people raised on technology rather than books.

Image: Screenshot

Photo: CL3VER