Found, 17. January 2017
By: John Hill

All photographs courtesy of Partisans

Partisans, the architecture and design "syndicate" of Alex Josephson and Teddy Shropshire, has created Gweilo, a "new family of visual LED lights" made from thin sheets of LED bulbs that have been molded into flowing, sculptural shapes.

We learned about Gweilo at Azure Magazine, which visited Partisan's Toronto studio to learn about how Josephson and Shropshire make the gorgeous lights in-house:

Using a thermoforming process, Josephson and his team take optical-grade acrylic sheets and heat them to nearly 400 degrees, until the plastic becomes pliable. They then hand-sculpt the panes, forming beautiful waves and bends that set in place as the plastic cools. The panels, which are embedded with a fine-spun grid of tiny LED bulbs, are then placed in a custom-made extrusion.

Gweilo is being launched at the Interior Design Show, which starts on Wednesday in Toronto, where it is sure to garner lots of attention.