A Diamond on the Docks

Products13. March 2017
By: John Hill, Thomas Geuder
Photo: Hélène Binet / ZHA
How does an architect deal with adding to a historical building in a highly visible context? For Antwerp's Port House, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) lifted the addition above an old fire station for both historical and architectural reasons.

The White Tunic of OIIQ by Ceragres

Products24. February 2017
By: Ceragres
Photo: Adrien Williams (All photographs courtesy of v2com)
The Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ) traded its Westmount offices for a building that is better suited to their needs in Montréal’s Angus Technopôle. 
Photo: LUCEM GmbH (All photos courtesy of v2com)
As part of its renovation of the bathing hall at Obermain Therme in Bad Staffelstein, Germany, Krieger Architekten Ingenieure designed a cave-like space whose form was inspired by salt crystals. Two layers of LUCEM light-emitting concrete panels give the enclosure its colorful glow.

A Cloud Behind Glass

Products27. January 2017
By: John Hill, Thomas Geuder
Photo: Moreno Maggi / Fuksas
​Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas worked on the New Convention Center in Rome's EUR district from 1998, when they won a competition for its design, until October 2016, when it officially opened. Most striking is the Cloud suspended within the glass box exterior. The engineers at formTL oversaw the membrane covering the Cloud's steel structure.

Lighting a Landmark

Products16. January 2017
By: John Hill
Photo: Tom Gundelwein (All images courtesy of Lichtvision)
The last bit of coal rolled out of the Duhamel mineshaft in June 2012, ending the Saarland region's 250-year history of mining. A lookout designed by Pfeiffer Sachse Architekten that sits atop the mining heap and overlooks the town of Ensdorf honors this tradition. The lighting design, carried out by Lichtvision, is an integral part of the accessible landmark.

Protecting La Cité du Vin

Products12. December 2016
By: John Hill, Thomas Geuder
In Bordeaux, XTU Architects have created a new landmark whose amorphous shape and gold-colored facade are widely visible. (Photo: Anaka / XTU)
Think "Bordeaux" and most likely the French wine comes to mind. Yet Bordeaux is also a city that wants to modernize its image, and is doing it partly with contemporary architecture. Herzog & de Meuron's new stadium is one recent example, as is XTU Architects' La Cité du Vin.

An Old/New Glass Dome in London

Products28. November 2016
By: John Hill
Photo: Eugene Codjoe-Urban Serenity Photography/SCHOLLGLAS
The conversion of a Ford Motor Company garage from 1915 at 184 Shepherd’s Bush Road in London includes three new floors built under a glass dome. Transparent and opaque glass panels in diamond and triangular shapes cover the new roof.

A Hardwood 'Smile'

Products11. November 2016
By: John Hill, Thomas Geuder
The walk-in sculpture "The Smile" at the London Design Festival inspired visitors through its form and its spaciousness. (Photo: Dav Stewart)
This year's London Design Festival had a lot to offer for design enthusiasts. A standout project was "The Smile," a 34-meter-long sculpture by Alison Brooks Architects and Arup that was on display at the Chelsea College of Arts.
All photos courtesy of Speirs + Major, unless noted otherwise
Gasholder No. 8 is a historic cast iron structure that has been transformed into Gasholder Park as part of the huge King's Cross development in London. A subtle yet dramatic lighting design by Speirs + Major ensures the striking structure has a strong presence at night.

A Glass House Like a Grapevine

Products14. October 2016
By: John Hill, Thomas Geuder
In Dielsdorf near Zurich, L3P Architekten have built a residence with a transparent facade. (Picture: Vito Stallone / Glas Trösch)
An area of 45 square meters is not much for the planning of a house. Nevertheless L3P Architekten managed to make room for a family of four in Dielsdorf near Zurich – using the logic of the surrounding grapevines to articulate the structure.